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We switched to TOCK for reservations moving forward,
click on button below to make a reservation! 


  • WE HAVE 90 MIN TIME LIMIT on all tables due to the size of our restaurant/limited seating

  • Our indoor dining room is limited/small & we recommend reservations in advance via RESY above!


  • WE STILL HAVE PATIO HEATERS  on the parklet but this will be changing when the weather gets nicer.

  • We do NOT have umbrellas at every table as it is a fire hazard.

  • When we get rid of heaters (weather gets nicer) then we will have umbrellas at all tables. 

  • We only turn on heaters by request.

Please STILL bundle up to be warm enough on these chilly nights! 

  • We have a couple walk in tables on our patio, bar seats & 1 indoor table for walk-ins

  • We highly recommend a reservation viaTock as we are a small restaurant, click button above

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